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Runaway Train (Watson Dale)

Born like everyone with a slate as clean Baby grew into a boy and started building steam Boy learned how to blow it off in a dangerous kind of way Well fellas here he comes that runaway train Now hear his lonesome cry barrelin' down the track Out of control his soul dressed in black Sound to every man that's broken the chain Rollin rollin rollin like a runaway train It ain't easy to do your best when life comes at you fast On his own so early on too young for such a task Took the bull by the horn sometimes that bull was mean And only at it stoking on that runaway train Married young and daddy soon his life was right on track Something rumbled in his soul something that he lacked He had to chase that melody that fueled a childhood dream There ain't no holding back that runaway train Rollin rollin rollin like a runaway train Hmmmmm I here that train a commin Hmmmmm Hey Porter Ohh Porter Hmmmmm I don't care if I do da do