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Endless Thoughts Of You (Sick Of Change)

I saw you standing there. It was the first time I saw you, I couldn't help but stare. Could this be,has God sent an angel, From up above, to fall in love with me? Only time will tell what the future has in store. I ask myself everyday, "How could someone so perfect, Ever walk my way?" (walk my way) So humble of yourself, You think the best of me. God has opened up my eyes and I finally see (finally see), That we were meant to be (meant to be). I fall asleep (fall asleep) With endless thoughts of you. Is this just a dream, can this all be true? When I wake up (when I wake up) Will you still belong to me? This is just so perfect, I guess I'll wait to see. Relationships, always end the same. Burning thoughts of love, Then endless months of pain; That was my point of view, Until the day I met you.