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All Dead (Faderhead)

Filthy whores, filthy priests All the creatures in between Broke my soul: deaf and cold With sunken eyes and fists of stone As we see the scenes in me In my heart and in my dreams Open mouth, twisted sounds Face the man - pound for pound My pain, your pain, our pain, we break My pain, your pain, our pain, all dead Break the needle, break the spoon All your fears - still in bloom Pick the leaves - she loves me not Numbed by cheap discounter talk (great!) Deviate from all that's me In my heart and in my dreams See me rise, see me drown, pound for pound Let's hear it for the hometown Sold to the highest bidder How does it feel to be me? All set up when the sky is silver Tasting the hate that feels oh-so-sweet Now it's time to check yourself If you know who you are You drop your ass on the damn shelf Just another useless tool Makes you see why it pays to be genuine, too