Bloody Justice (Amputated Genitals)

I don't know how she could have poisoned them The hunger, the desperation and pain got her mad They were choked to death like rats Our children were the only thing we had I don't have anything now, but she must die Hatred blinds me, what I want is to do justice with my own hands I find her crying near to my children who dies in the kitchen An intense noise in my ears and my blood pressure is about to collapse My face turns red and my hands get cold I start to hit her face then I try to see what is going on With my children who are like paled and drooled bodies She screams desperately I hit her several times severed and brutally But I know it's not enough I take one knife from the kitchen And I stab with it twice in her stomach I reply to her pleasings Fell how you are dying, how your heart begins to stop How you begin to get pale and cold I am going to help you to make it faster I am going to cut your neck like a shot There is nothing to do so But my chldren can't go alone to the place they are going to I have to join with them