Pathological Anger (Amputated Genitals)

All around me increases my blood addiction I see my victim across the street She looks like a woman of 22 years I like to abduct, torture, kill Until she starts to bleed I like her damaged skin and face of fear Then, I want to satiate my se**** appetite But she suffers a heart attack During the attack suddently This beautiful girls drowns in the tub Strangled with an electrical cord I put my knife in her eyes The blood stains the entire bath Crushing her skull with a hammer Then I push a wooden stick into her mouth I start to chew her teats and eat her nipples I decided to shot her in the head Chunks and pieces of brain over me Drinking her blood I feel alive I fuck her over the bathmat And penetrate her ass with a knife The I feel her blood in my dick And in the same time Stabbing in her back Around 40 times She is completely dead and cut to pieces To dig her grave is what I need to do To hide what I have done Until the next girl comes