Vaginal Skin Grind Vomit (Amputated Genitals)

I'm nervous and hungry. To hit her excites me. I want to hear her laments. Livid bruises in her face. My aberrant sex only gives me satisfaction. Kick her stomach. I feel very good with my wife, she is like a doll, and now pull up her clothes, tie her in my bed with my pants, penetrate with my cock, her ass, and at the same time her vagina with a hot screwdriver. Cut her fingers and chew them. Strong screams a lot of blood. A filthy room. Take a shower with her blood. Large stain on the bed and floor. Bloodless with no force, ready to eat. Starting with her thighs, slashing her buttocks and bitting her vaginal skin. I didn't know what happened, I regurgitated it all, half digested over her.