Deep (DJ Mustard)

Your crease is what I'm feelin' And your style is what I'm diggin' Girl let's get personal and let me go Deep, deep, deep Deep, deep, deep Deep, deep, deep Deep, deep, deep I'm ridin' slow like an old nigga All gold like a dope dealer I'm throwin' cash like I go with her Hold your head high, oh no nigga Get cash like the old folks Dodge potholes when you on spokes Hold the .45 smokin' on dope All white Chevy, what he on? Coke Streets talk and they call it Whole hood know what you murdered by Strip club poppin' but it ain't safe Niggas tell and comin' home on the same day Come kick it with a nigga who Fly more than I drive, get it from the supplier If I want it I buy it, that pussy fire, she stay the night She ain't even like smoke Now she rolling up her own joints Or, packin' her G pen lil Bombay make the room start spinnin' Even though a lot of niggas prolly in I'mma put you on somethin', you ain't heard it like this before I'mma do it how you want it, jump on it, act like you rode a dick before Ain't no I in no team And no team in no I's Ain't no reason to be acting shady No lie, no lie, I No lie, no lie, give it up to my real niggas