DJ Drama Speaks! (DJ Mustard)

Ayo mic check, is this thing on? Okay listen man, um I just wanna speak my piece Oh excuse me, for those who don't know I got by the name of The Mixtape King, Mr Thanksgiving AKA Mr Gangsta Grills himself, Drum F Kennedy Barack O'Drumma DJ The... fuck, whatever you wanna call me But just listen what I'm bout to tell you See, what you listenin to right now It's fresh, it's new, I don't want you to get nervous, I don't' want you to get upset I just want you to understand What my nigga Mustard's been doing to the game... it's necessary It's new nigga time It's a Must-ard... but I need you to Ketch-up It's DJ Mustard... but I need you to Ketch-up! You're too far behind Ayo Mustard! Drop that!