Giuseppee (DJ Mustard)

You couldn't walk in my Giuseppe shoes, walk in my Giuseppe shoes **** you couldn't walk in my Giuseppe shoes, walk in my Giuseppe shoes I'm wearin' designer clothes, takin' designer drugs Hoes show me love when I'm inside the club KTZ jogging suit, man that boy cockin' loot I paid for the pussy man but it ain't somethin' that I often do Treat her like a prostitute, purse with the matchin' boots I hit her in the driveway like it's a mansion in the ****in' coupe All we do is go get it, I'm allergic to broke ****as Achoo, Achoo And even if I'm playin' ball, the cheapest thing I got on is 450 Rappers try to befriend a ****a On skinny ass tie, wearin' skinny ass tie My outfit from the Grammys might kill you ****a Chef cook crab legs with a Dom Pérignon ****a I'm a ****in' don ****a, put a ****in' in him Giuseppes Zanottis on your mother****in' lawn ****a Steppin' on your sofa, roll it on your old homie Her ass so big, she need a ****in' alarm on it Club toxic with the zero print Gold on the tip, pay your ****in' rent She only rock heels, she a bad **** 30 bands in the shoebox from the last brick Money don't talk, it just look good Put me in a suit and tie, still I look hood Designer hoes, Atlanta hoes Couple bougie ****es from the west coast In my white on white Giuseppes ****a I'm fresh to death, can't help it Memphis my hood, I reppin' Love ratchet ****es, I love it, can't help it Black and yellow Lambo, oreo space coupe Jump out with them 'seppes on lookin' like space boots Rollie watch ****a lookin' antique Just counted out another million, that's a cool week I see that grill on the two door lookin' barracuda You know that barrel on the Desert Eagle lookin' like a tuba Five or six Rollies, flexin' like I'm Lex Luger Chop the rocks with the razor and my hand, lookin' Freddie Kruger I'm a fool with the but my fork game viscous Lil man ****, keep the Merry Christmas I'm a Clyde Christian ass ****a You keep my name in your mouth, always ****in' ass ****a Swear the roof on this mother****er lookin' like a scarlet Is that a half a million dollar car? Shit it gotta be These ****as is your enemies, that's just my philosophy And all these swagger jackin' ****as owe you an apology Icy white, two bricks on my feet ****a makin' money while I sleep ****a Cop the and cop the stylin' My Air Force 1's you couldn't walk a mile in 'em