Lil Jon Speaks! (DJ Mustard)

Ladies and gentlemen what's happenin? It's yo boy Lil Jon Today we are here to take about the next generation of west coast producers This motherfucker killin the motherfuckin game right now Up tempo shit, he's killin that shit The homeboy DJ Mustard The young generation killin this shit Ya'll heard him kill the motherfuckers with RIP, ya'll heard this motherfucker killin em with I'm different And it's so many other motherfuckin records I can name But I'm not gonna... I don't even have to do that The man is official It's yo boy Lil Jon Ya'll know I made some of the biggest west coast records that are still lastin I gotta give all props to Dr Dre He's the number 1 but you know I still got records that are representin the west coast Even though I'm from the south that are still killin it Like Blow The Whistle from Too $hort Tell Me When To Go – E-40 Plus a bunch of other shit Ya know what I mean? Um but it's about DJ Mustard right now, ladies and gentlemen, DJ Mustard If you don't know, get motherfuckin familiar Get on Google, get on beam Get on motherfuckin whatever you need to do Search this motherfucker And hear the fuckin awesomeness of this cold ass nigga Lil Jon I'm out, bitch yea!