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Tinashe Checks In (DJ Mustard)

God damn, **** it's hot as **** Roll down the windows, turn on the AC or turn on some music or something, **** you got me ****ed up Let me see what's on the radio I'm tired of this shit, I'm tired of this ****a Mustard - 92.3 radio, it's a beautiful day in the city right now I know everyone's out doing their thing, it's summertime, but I need all my sexy independent single ladies, if you don't need a ****a for shit call me up right now, like right ****in' now Would it be a mistake if I put it down on you? I'm not into games I've been feeling lonely, so are you We should do the damn thing Let me hit the shower, are you comin' through? Give me about an hour and I'll be ready **** you talkin' 'bout? We don't even speak, we just do the nasty That way we make a Used to love to see my ****a happy even though you brought baggage Did everything you asked me but you was gettin' ratchet Now we got damage, you let these other ****es have it You let these other ****es have it You let these other ****es have it You let these other ****es have it