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Diss (UTFO)

No one Nowhere Comes close Suckers Step off From Brooklyn ? Suckers Diss! How dare you tell me in my face that I couldn't rock? I make the healthiest man on Earth heart stop If you say another word to interrupt I'll jump out these speakers, cold fuck you up! But then again I really shouldn't get involved that deep When you talk I smell your butt and you just put me to sleep Thank God I'm only upset, cause if you made me mad I'd hit you so hard I'd have you callin' me dad Right here on the spot, bustin' you in the knot Before you know it you'll be screamin', "He rock, he rock!" Was I too fast for ya, wasn't it clear? The party won't rock unless you get out of here So take your rat-skin coat and step out the door Tell your woman stop callin', I don't want her no more For now slow down, shut up, and then I'll chill But can't nobody say that I ain't ill I'm the rudest of the rude muthafuckas alive There were six of us left and I shot five To make a long story short and save my breath I'm the only one left, and yo, I'm def! When it come to dissin' I am the champ I heard you tried to buy Adidas with your mother's food stamps Don't know a thing about buyin' clothes Tried to buy Pro-Keds and you got Ked-Pros Now let me get a little harder Your mother's pregnant again and I'm the father And if you think I'm lyin' by just a notch Ask your father, he sat and watched Diss Step off with that old riffin', stop playin' me close I'm not a sucker, I got heart and I'm from the East Coast 5'8" with brown eyes, yo, the girls say I'm cute But I strap the .45 and I ain't afraid to shoot I came across brothers who ???bass wasn't blessed??? It phased me none cause I broke ribs and necks Beat up Jamaicans, Jews, Haitians and Italians Punched out they tooths and wore them as medallions Back in the days we called punks sundullah When people see Doc, they all hail the ruler Calvin is cool, but me, I'm much cooler You riff, you wan get dissed with me, you're not medulla Cause to be from Brooklyn, yo, that's mandatory You're from the Island, so get off my territory I wear black, I never wore purple If I drew a line where I ruled, you'd walk in a circle Don't try to play me out, maytag You better hold my bow and follow my footsteps, fag Cause this is the Doc with the surgical gas Dislocate your mouth and you'll be talkin' out yo ass Cause that's what you talk is a bunch of bullshit While I be cold chillin' walkin' round with a mitt I told you when I met you, you know what you can get Am I upset? Well, just a little bit I told you before not to get me started Cause Doctor Ice is gettin' cold retarded After the battle the undertaker will dress you The good Lord will bless you and the graveyard will rest you (Last night changed it all) I'm as real as reality, not a Greek myth It's time to let you know who you're fuckin' with My rap is magical, stronger than voodoo Your style, it stinks, you know, like doodoo You're shiverin' and shakin' in your Fruit of the Looms Keep it simple, stupid, you'll be next to the tombs Of the other victims, I keep their heads on my shelf If they were resurrected, they'd kill themself I'll never say excuse me, move out my way, sucker You use 'mister', I use 'motherfucker' You thought that E was more well-respected Now you know, stupid, expect the unexpected (Yeah) (Ah hah) We got the mouth to be the boss, the heart to back it up Rhymes come naturally, no need to crack it up But you inflate, make others sick And my last and final words is: get off my dick! Diss