Pussy Champion (Dolla)

Pussy champion, pussy champion Pussy champ Ohh god dame All the bad women know who I am Got a ring in my room where I work on my jams I could give you fast combinations like zapple Bite it like Miketon, Down goes Frazer She throwing down her towel but the ref can't save her Undefeated recorded, all by the way I knock out I be beating on that pussy 'till I make that pussy tap out Coming out the ropes like take that We can do it by the mirror if you like that Do it like a speed bag BA BA BA BA Then long hard strokes like TA TA TA Pussy champion, pussy champion I'm a pussy champ and not a pussy champ I be making hoes right out, I went to pussy camp We can do it near the light near the pussy lamp Make her put my name on, get a pussy stamp Well I'm a motherfucker daughter, sister, auntie and niece Fuck a stripper, lawyer, doctor and sometimes police Fuck have your homegirl saying dame he a beast fucker Ya man lame, I'm a make you wanna leave the sucka Face down, better work on your arch I explore that pussy, touching each and every part Destroy that pussy have you screaming for help Throw my hands in the air put on my champion belt Pussy champion, pussy champion, pussy champion I make the pussy say OH Make the pussy say AH I tell that pussy HI then I tell that pussy BYE I tell that pussy COME then I tell it when to STOP Then I tell it when to GO then I tell it WHEN NOT I tell it when to DRIP DRIP DROP Then I tell it to pick it up DONT STOP Drop the pussy, pop that pussy Let me see the pussy pop Round 1, round 2 Hope you make it that far Make it that far I got so far deep in that I have you screaming out loud Screaming out loud oh lord can't take it no more God dame she sore I'm the Pussy champion, pussy champion, pussy champion