Pussy Pleaser (Dolla)

Pussy pleaser, pussy pleaser Giving women the fever Make love to her mind leave her with amnesia A house keeper bitch I let her clean my place up And she don't speak English but she know I"m a great fuck A dread lock diva always tell me to blaze up She smoking while I'm stroking, love to twist that haze up A hood-rat chick she don't wear no make-up Cause she already know I'm give her a facial A hair dresser chick always fucking my braids up So after we fuck I make her fix my braids up A vegetarian and she say she don't eat meat But every now and then she put her mouth on me Got a stripper from Atlanta with a big ass butt She say I gotta make it rain before she let me fuck I got a vilameans chick, I meet her at 12 And after I'm done she do my boo-she bitch toe nails Got a bitch on parole, she just got out of jail I don't trust her in my house so we meet at the Tell I got a bitch from New York she be calling me son Until I beat it like her daddy now she call me the one I got a girl that graduated she just turned 18 Got a bitch with tattoo's all over her frame She in love with a nigga so she tatted my name Got a bitch with short hair like the old Lil' Kim But you gone get dick tonight you are not Lil' Kim I got women with light skin and women with dark Sometimes we role play but I don't stick to my part I be way to excited "Girl your make me hot! " Lay your ass on this bed and get a pussy massage I got a plus size bitch, not because of her looks Cause after I bet her down she get in there and cook I got a cop-cop-cop-cop police bitch We don't hang out much, I hate that police shit I got a runway-runway-runway gal She always write me dirty letter's, she's a freak pen pal I got a bitch I been knowing way before this rap shit And she don't call me Dolla she be screaming my government A bitch 45 she be wearing granny-draws But she be tripping all the time it must be the menopause Got women different places, all over the world And they all keep in touch of how I make the toe's curl Pussy Pleaser