Who The Fuck Is That? (Dolla)

I own the club, that's right, akon!, dolla-dolla! Especailly the strip club let me talk to em t-pain, let me talk em, konvict let me talk to em I hit the club with a mug so mean got them niggas like who the fuck is that. then I hop up out the car so clean got them hoes like who the fuck is that Hit da door like right- left back -fourth Yeah I got money nigga that's of cousrse Hit the stage with a b-boi stance The club owner like who the fuck is that Pull up in something tented 200 on the dash ya'll shit rented I drop cash. watch the doors lift up This nigga then went mad. I'm wat you never had some of this some of that.tell that bitch to give me kiss then I smack her on ass throw a stack at her and laugh.this shit to me ain't much money do you have? that's not up for discussion. I be mashin out wih something european on them buttons I been rich since I was 11. my grams look like 7's my killers look like reverends. yea u better count yo blessings. convict piece around my neck, misdameter on my risk, got a fellon on my pinky got you blinking when it glince.I got strippers on a payroll. charges in diego. ya-yo like it's mayo .don't play around with me paso. you should see the stello. neighborhood nino. bithces call me dolla.but these niggas call me d-bo Niggas that u ever saw Don't make me have to come Around and spray at all y'all. the world so small It's big as a golf ball Just like them perfect titties It's pressing against the wall. and while we tossing dollars. they be staring at my team. You wishing that a nigga had looking so clean Track jacket on my back looking mint green Hanging off my ass it's some konvict jeans. Your no longer better. your in alot of chedder No matter how ya look at it bet I can do it better. no need for lookin better like a glass of armmeretter. got a lil vendetta then bring out The heavy metal Pull up on that trigger like I'm pulling on these hoes After magic city nigga anything goes So impateint can't wait to club close I'll be in the lambo poppin side ya don I'm shinning like a motherfucker Vvs it blanking Steve earkle by the tongue That purple steady stankin You talking yo the deckin I got swag I got juice See me in that bentley coupe right from runnin shoot. you be running when I shoot. I be shooting where you running. 'kon got me out the streets told me dolla get the money Now I'm the club stuntning like la la la la Laughing at these cow niggas like ha ha ha ha Look you fucking with a winner Stripping lobster for dinner Bet you any game you other just beginners In my d-oy stancebout to pop a rubber band Fuck that fighting in the club you nigga fuckin up my plans. I'm tryna get a dance her name And her number taker her to the telly get some brain in the hummer. you niggas make it rain my dollar make it thunder album coming soon bitch get ready for the summer