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Two Tongues (The Swell Season)

What you give Or give out Is the only thing That really counts Will you stay? Here, stay around And we'll both start Working this out But it's not just this It's everything You're so hard to reach And impossible to really read When your talking with Two tongues in your mouth And I wish you'd quit this muttering Beneath your breath It's killing me You've not said nothing yet Who's talking now? Well I guess I'm starting to doubt Are we lost here? Are you keeping count? Are you just gonna let me down? Well your heart's not in it It's everywhere It's plain to see You're still wondering What's underneath You're so curious It's two strikes and you're out And I'm tiring of this attitude How you fall to pieces Like you do I can't believe you're still talking With two tongues in your mouth After all we've been around Will you hear me out? You're the only thing That really counts