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Nowadayz (Jaylib)

What, I just wanna lay you back Nah, you ain't gotta count my stack Nah, it ain't goin down like that Damn yo' ass is fat I just wanna hit it, and quit it, if it's on like that If I ever have to call your back Cause you got a man, and I got a woman But one ain't enough I need more to keep me comin And I'm, runnin away, cause it's time to play Nowadays chickenheads all wanna date a DJ MC, sport star, nigga with some mo-ney That means locked down... girl laugh like that shit's funny I wish some of these broads cooked better than they look Cause nowadays, they get you hooked, overbooked 'til you shook Niggaz look, and learn for your own concern These broads heatin shit up on mosh I burn Down in the projects, or even up in the hills Shit's real, these women want money and deals... Yeah, get paid "Now you know how it is brothers and sisters When two brothers and sisters get to fightin Them motherfuckers get killed! Damn right How they go at your ass for BLOOD! You better damn believe it baby They don't fight like they're fightin a stranger No they're fightin to kill baby And that's a damn shame, cause that... " Nowadays your boy probably tryin to hit your girl While you tryin to work to buy the hoe diamonds and pearls Fo' sho'~! It goes down like the girl on her knees Tryin to please every nizzle gettin drunk smokin trees While you 9 to 5, 'bout to 25 to life it That hoe on some sheist shit, cause you find out how trife it's The way it is, all she wanna do is swallow kids This hollow dip's out to lunch all up on a trip A nigga like me ain't even got time for it Cause I ain't givin up shit unless I want to give it Niggaz slave to the grave from the weak down to the brave Smart to the stupid gettin stuck by Cupid Nowadays, clock G's, ain't got time for deez Fake dumber than Louise, even though they OOH-WEE! Nowadays, nowadays niggaz smile in your face Havin friends is a waste, detrimental like a nigga ten pace Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five... Four... (YEAH!) three... two... ONE! Yeah, uhh, here we go c'mon Yeah, yeah, yeah