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The Exclusive (Jaylib)

(A Jaylib exclusive... with MC Percee P) I come on spittin, the song's hittin Before there were capon chickens different dons listened to me for advice Like I'm John, niggaz just left again, so I'm steppin in To catch wreck and when on my next kin'll be checks to spend that I'm exitin Perc' is nice, worth the price, every verse entice One of the most praised ministers to speak twice on the Earth since Christ Ideas delay of light years away from what's here I dare all my peers to slay Two grand, review and, your whole crew man The true fans, know who can, bring heat like in the Sudan black No games, style is fo{? }, verbal cocaine, like propane I blow brains bashin them no-name cats that flow lame Writes well, recite then there's a chance you might hear In the right air your worser nightmare after a sliced ear Perc' spit every verse with the worst shit known Disperse quit first clique tryin to front get they turf hit blown (Another Bronx to Detroit to L.A. connection for that ass)