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For Rome And The Throne (Kill the Romance)

victory for your chosen Dancing in, standing tall The wolves, the sheep all gathered Birds will sing spoils are spread He is obliged to reign Satisfaction may appease oh the Almighty He'll summon all the gods in flesh to gather for the feast of his oncoming earthly turn into a god who'll deserve desire Hail - the satisfied. pure and son divine of the armageddon show beyond us all Hail - the pacified purely a god divine in the veins of the villain's pantheon he rides The beast is near The beast is here The beast is still among us You have seen the fire in him yet no one has dared to cease the silence Buried deep the weakness in me A victory for our chosen The satisfaction really gives you The Almighty Fair among the enemy Forgiven, for shelter for Rome and the throne Flaring among the enemy Forgiving, forever for the mistresses of Rome