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Friend (Kill the Romance)

Little man, little man don't you know where to stand, we will run you over You can run, you can hide, you can even try to die, but those things you do in vain Nothing sacred nothing lasts, the thing is we're your god and you will never be a man You deserve nothing we give you everything, trust your god obey the divine Come on solder take your place, creep on the ground just do it now Pull yourself up or die Bless the mighty, pray the savior, do us magic say we're right It seems you like it Fight! just do as we say Stay! don't you ever leave Game! ain't over 'till we let you die, or be buried alive I will be your friend for life And your eyes if they go blind You are my only one So will you stay by my side Should I be someone else, I can't pull myself together Am I worth nothing Who are you, who are we, do they even care about We're dead to the world Why do they laugh, I'm trying very hard, guess I'm a failure Kill me now I want out, I can't remember how it feels to be alive