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Late Night Void (Kill the Romance)

A day brings the light as tonight's decision set the world on fire Sob high above the dream and gather the remains for the feast Follow the leash that is leading and feed the flesh ready for bleeding Feel the weight of the world as you stand alone in the rain Too late to save the hate we gained, too early to slay, let days turn from blue to gray What we once were, we never will, we have become walking shadows in late night void Dark deception kills the light as tonight's decision burns beneath the skin The broken barrier shall lead us to the fight It's more than meets the eye, if we throw ourselves against the wall You chose the ferry without coppers and the story will be told Feel the wight of the hammer as you lay under the pressure of the day Too late to save the hate, it's time to choose the fate in this trail of tears You'll fight or you'll pay but you'll end up in hell anyway As I feel the weight of my world What we once were, we never will become, the glory of history