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Pulse of Negative (Kill the Romance)

for the god's sake I'm slipping all the way dishonest is the word throughout the day public grace don't save from own disgrace it's always equal inordinate demand within the day drives apathy constantly in your veins can't stop the person you've become change before damage done hit the face and fuck your selfpity be a man who uses his abilities stop complaining and start the living make something real take a hand if you feel that you need it don't be a prick who's avoiding to be a man you should make it work on your own bow to none and straighten your back or the day is bringing pulse of negative don't bite the pillow or you'll find yourself repeating the shit you've faced pulse of negative you bow to none and straighten your back don't bite the pillow learn the rules go and make the day by faking the way you're faking all you say hate everything in the mirror you shall see pay the price yes you've made it you've been betrayed so many times take a breathe and count to 5 'cause this is your life