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Traitor (Kill the Romance)

I feel I've been betrayed A well thought truth woke my sleeping doubts So frail is your gracious conspiracy I'm merciful, I'm merciful you'll suffer only for life You will die - no hope On your knees right now I maniac your sadist I'm ready for the disgraceful cry I maniac your sadist Shine malice Rise for the Morning Star Traitor you traitor From the depths we'll arise I'll crown your superior masterpiece for betting all for your undeniable might I see omen fulfilled and come true to you I'm breaking all I'm shaking all I will honour only myself I'll be dancing on your grave For I'm immortal everything is set for me Do as you've planned in your stone-cold head Lay the truth before your shattered dreams I'm burning at stake and I don't feel a thing Can you feel the difference you servant No excuses this time it's really me I won't neglect you my beloved Behold the mighty star Run and cover you've become my water turned to ice