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It's About Time (Julie Reeves)

Baby I see your trying to figure out What this enigma they call love is all about Oh no I'm no expert on the subject That's for sure But I'd love to study up Maybe baby we should buddy up Cause I'd love to study up with you It's about time It's about talkin' It's about holding hands and walkin' Up the street and down the beach Takin' this as far as our hearts will reach And dreamin' dreams just as big as we can And did I mention holdin' hands Well yes I did in the second line So how 'bout puttin' yours in mine It's about time It's about time Baby I hope that I'm not being too forward Ain't gonna mention any of those forevermore words Oh but ain't we had a couple close calls On the telephone late at night It's about more of those Lettin' go and connectin' souls And gettin' real close to you