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Whatever (Julie Reeves)

You don't call for two whole weeks Then you think I'm gonna fall at your feet When you walk through that door Like a cloud of dust you just disappear You've gotta lotta nerve to show up here At a quarter to four You think candy and roses are gonna make it better Whatever You say you needed time to sort things out You've been up all night drivin' around Doing some thinkin' Your shirts untucked and your hairs a mess I smell whiskey on your breath But you ain't been drinkin' Now you're telling me that you and I were meant to be together Whatever Whatever you say whatever you do Nothing's gonna change The fact that we're through You can't take a hint You ain't got a clue To think that I ever thought That you hung the moon With your puppy dog eyes your petting my cat You're just hanging around tryin' to look sad Oh you're so alone You want to watch the sun rise and cook me breakfast What's it gonna take for you to get the message You need to go home You want to make tonight the first night of forever You say we can make it through this stormy weather Do I have to spell it out in ten foot letters Whatever