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Blood Red Head (Big Dumb Face)

Blood red head Blood red head No one knows who sent it Or what it first was called No one knows what made it Or when it first was mauled No one understands why It burns but never dies One thing is for sure though That burning bastard flies Chrous: Here comes the burning blood red head on fire As laser beams shoot from the eyes of the choir It doesn't need a body, cause it flies through the air It's a blood red head on fire and it doesn't care If you think you're bad-ass And you try to stand your ground It will look into your eyes and make it's awful sound Then it will suddenly fly at you And hit you in the head or chest And your body will disinegrate Because the blood red head's the best Chorus Razor sharp fangs in a gross mouth Yellow burning eyes, surprise Gordy cauliflower ears And talons growing out of its face 8 feet off the ground And Moving fast and looking down The people scatter as the foul death spreads You may think Duke Lion Could defeat this awful foe You may be right Because they fought about a week ago The blood red head on fire Was immune to Duke's fireballs So Duke Lion gave up and went on a quest For the ice sword of Gaultry Chorus