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It's Right In Here (Big Dumb Face)

Sasoom, Sasoom, Sa-sasoom Something may appear, listen hard, it's right in here, something mat have wings. These are ordinary things, something may come clear, when you realize somethings here, something may appear, when you look right in here, It's right in here- When you realize something is right in here, you will know that it's nothing you should fear, when you look into this thing we have found, you will notice that it leads underground, He's so proud to read aloud, to mark his words, to travel in heards, to right no wrong, his speach is song, he understands the meaning, He's on his knees for you to please, his looks are pure, he bleed the cure, thoes holy hands have other plans, he understands the meaning, Be best ta'get up on me, if you wanna pay the price, bless my soul& praise the lord, 'cause the savior is so nice, fool you'll be the devil's slave when satan comes to tempt ya', you better prey to jesus, or the demons will exempt ya. Sasoom, Sasoom