No More The Fool (Elkie Brooks)

Just why I stayed around when all I found was a heartache I believed your every word Didn't know the hurt and pain that you'd make But why did it take so long at last now I've seen the light I found the heart to say No more the fool who Waits around waiting For you to bring me down those days are gone now No more the nights lying awake crying and waiting for the day to break no more the sound as my dreams fall and hit the ground while I wait around no more the fool You thought I'd break then you were wrong that I won't see what's going on but I knew Here I am i'm alive and you will see I'll survive without you and I won't be the one who comes running It ain't like it used to be Here's your turn to run to me chorus all the nights I waited for you to call I waited for a sign that you would stay but it's so clear you didn't care at all