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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Love Thornz (Mister Monster)

I Know a Girl as Tough as Me New Rocks Up to Her Knee She Keeps Her Cigarettes in Her Thigh-Highs When She Looks at Me With Those Kitten Eyes I Wanna Makeout With Her Down There I Want Nothing But Wet Hair Until That Morning Sun Burns my Eyes Love Thornz, Lemme be Your Drug Love Thornz, Rip Out My Heart Love Thornz, Lemme Be Your Frankenstein Valentine I Wanna Take You For a Drive at Midnight And Squeeze Your Loving Hips So Tight I Wanna Take You Up to Devils Tower And Up There I Will Devour Your Skin, Lips, Tongue, and Your Toes Slow Dancing In Headlights Listening to Oldies On the Radio..... Love Thornz Will Make That French Kiss Hurt....