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Resident Evil (Mister Monster)

T-Virus T-Virus!!! This broken mansion calls T-Virus T-Virus!!! Bloody pictures painted on the walls. T-Virus T-Virus!!! Hey kid, ya ever seen a dead man scream? T-Virus T-Virus!!! Well, take a walk with me and see... God help me!!! T-Virus T-Virus!!! A foaming zombie hound T-Virus T-Virus!!! Eyeballs and guts are scattered about T-Virus T-Virus!!! You made this God awful disease T-Virus T-Virus!!! All I hear are Rigor Mortis screams God help me!!! Resident evil Resident evil Resident evil Valentine Valentine!!! Oh my sweet Valentine Kill with me Kill with me!!! All this blood shouldn't just be mine Valentine Valentine!!! These Guts 'n Bones should be ours Kill with me Kill with me!!! We can hold the entrails in our arms... Please walk with me!!! Resident Evil Resident Evil Resident Evil