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The Torn Prince (Mister Monster)

black suit, lookin' so handsome too bad none of my loved ones could see me it's a closed casket i tried to get you a ring that night honey, i wanted to be more than your man you made me your husband lonely widow, goodnight my wife call me back to life baby, please tell my mother that i did not feel any pain at all and that i died quickly tell our boy daddy's so sorry and tell him there will no other lullabies and to sleep next to mommy dream of me when you retire to the night and call me back to life scream for me in this lonely, lonely night scream for me until the heavens bleed there's an angel in the moon tonight above you watchin' over you there's a phantom in the ground tonight below you watchin' over you there's an angel in your heart tonight who's dyin' to make it to you 'cause i'm so lonely in the dirt tonight below you cryin' over you i'm your prince your torn prince your torn prince your torn prince lonely, dreaming, crying