Another Shotgun Wedding (Years Since The Storm)

His family looked down on hers Hers thought he was a selfish jerk They said she wasn’t good enough They said he’ll never stay faithful Sitting on opposite sides During the ceremony Shooting hateful stares Powder keg ready to explode There was no good way for this to end Time after time they would always pretend Handshakes and smiles were all counterfeit Who would have thought it could come to this? Beautiful day to get married Too bad they’ll now have to be buried Soon they’ll be lying in their coffins bedding It’s Just Another!!! Shotgun wedding Made up their minds the stage is set Almost breathing their final breaths Such a sad story it’s so upsetting It’s Just Another!!! Shotgun wedding When the priest Spoke the words Speak now or forever hold Your peace the peace was broke Shotgun blast to the head Bride and groom now lie there dead Everyone is dead Buckshot to the head Everyone could see They weren’t meant to be Bride and groom You’ll meet your doom Load Pump Aim Pull… Boom!!!