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Manbearpig (Years Since The Storm)

Come on everybody Lets party Here we go Tonight's the night again Come on lets roll Fuck it we don't have a plan Girls and boys Were on a mission to Make some noise And make some bad decisions Lifes a party And we will party hard So pass that forty And we can live it large Grab a dutch So we can roll that shit up Now lets get fucked And play some pong and flip cup Here we go Come on lets roll Lifes a party So pass that forty Beer pong flip cup we'll put you to shame Don't be embarrassed though its all in the game G-g-g-girls go from watchin' to screamin' our names Half serious half party yo were one in the same (Bitch) We are always making it rain Watch your back or you'll get the brain Bend over and take your two kicks Thats payment for seeing these dicks Look at that kid left his shoes on He's about to get his face drawn Oh my god this nights been so long I passed out on my own front lawn Sometimes We drink too much Sometimes We end up on the floor Sometimes We all lose touch But its ok Were just trying to stay young Sometimes We smoke too much Sometimes We get a bit too burnt Sometimes We all lose touch But its ok Were just trying to have fun Da da da da da da, da da da da da, da da da da Da da da da da da da da What The Fuck Did I Do Last Night Repeat tonight