Speak To The Trees (Years Since The Storm)

I’m sorry I couldn’t be Everything you wanted And you know I’d give Anything to be that lucky After all those times You told me Never to give up on you You turned your back and gave up on me How could you end it all just like this? How could you leave it all behind? We’ve been through hell and back And we always made it out alive But are we going to this time? How can this make you happy? How can leaving me make things right? I can’t give you up that easy I won’t go down without a fight You might as well killed me You might as well put a hole in my head Your words were like bullets And you said so much that you shot me dead I need you And I know you need me I love you And You Turned Your Back On Me!! Blank eyes stare Into space Reflecting Only memories What do I do now that I have nothing to live for? What do I do now that I have nothing to die for?