Your Daughter's A Whore (Years Since The Storm)

You lie on the bed You are screaming I laugh in your face As your bleeding Listen to your cries I ignore you Saw next to the bed It’s there for you Oh Fuck Bust A Nut!!! You lie there Pathetic Almost dead Bullet hole Lodged in your Fucking head You are a Waste of life Waste of time Fucking whore But no more Now your mine You are so beautiful but such a fucking whore All of the things that you have done they will now be paid for You waste your life I take it eye for an eye and nothing more Won’t see again won’t fuck again inside out on the floor Your Daughter Is Such A Whore!!! Your blood’s on my hands And your juices are on my dick You’re going to die slowly Cause its so much less fun to kill them quick Cigarette in my hand And a beer in the other one Drinkin’ and smokin’ and killin’ whores This day was so much fun Damn son!!! You will not fuck anymore