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Bathed In Placenta (Infant Annihilator)

It is dawn and the rivers are red with blood - one small reminder of what’s to come. Now, behold the future unfold the way it’s never been told before. Fuck the prophecies of God. I will destroy him like the piece of shit he truly is. I will bathe in his mother’s placenta after I have raped and bludgeoned her to death. His mother, the modern Virgin Mary, will become my dead harlot. My followers, a new beginning draws closer. Truth is becoming irrelevant as it’s re-written by my scribes. We will rise to conquer all that stands in our way. Man won’t remember the past, as he treads upon the dust of his forefathers. Lies solidify the system that I have built to enslave them all; a portrait of perfection designed to entice them with false hope. Fed by the hands of their master, my pets confide in me. Blind with Illusions that veil all their eyes, I claim their lives with the blood of all who died. I, the Omnipotence of this new world, unearth and reconstruct the fossils of evil.