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Last Song For A Sweetheart (Lucas Austin)

I was talking all morning Listening, was it something I'd done You were careful with your questions Reckless always were my answers As the coffee hit my stomach Might've felt as if I'd been drugged I was broken and aware that we might never have these last wrongs And the only thing my mouth can do Is try to keep you home When we both knew that this town Was not where you belong And you were best while in the daylight My life always hated last call Like a frightened little boy I fled until my legs did give out As persistence fought to end you I knew with neglect you would run Having been caught in the moment I lost sight of all our plans My sorrow was seen so hold you Cause I know you haven't let go So cadence has brought me to cursing and crying And bitter my nerves Makes me know there's no place in hell or heaven up above It makes me know there's no time of when we'll both go