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Devil's spawn (Savage Circus)

In mystic twilight Of the dying day The night is coming down And I am on my way Hoof beats of a mighty steed Pounding through the air The Evil Spirit once again Has risen from his lair Take heed beware of his coming Lock the door and pray for tomorrow Night after night he must ride Out on the quest he cannot rest He'll take your life In the blink of an eye Prepare to die Headless Horseman Rider in black Galloping on 'til the night is gone Headless Horseman Minister of death No way to escape When the Horseman Is pulling the blade Grim and relentless He was towering in his saddle When he got decapitated In some nameless battle Driven by the Devil He must rise up from the Dead To ride forth to the battlefield In quest of his head Cursed cursed to remain Cursed to kill again and again Night after night he must ride On and on in eternal damnation Severing heads In the blink of an eye Time to die Headless Horseman In my investigations On his mystery I have unlocked the secret I found the key The one who holds the skull Is taking on control On the Horseman's very soul At the lair now Awaiting his coming His bone in my hand I pray for tomorrow Fire and brimstone Are waiting for him Time has come to pay for his sin Taking his head He returns to the dead To burn in Hell Headless Horseman