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Empire (Savage Circus)

Clouds are darkening a moonless night In the empire of the dead Rain is pouring on a ground Bare of life The dead are rising They're walking the streets Of ruble and dust As I try to stay alive Seems as if the gods Have finally turned away On the edge On the edge of judgement day And the sentence is death Come and take your final breath Empire of the living dead Unlocked by a mortal hand Hallelujah Empire of the living dead Set free from the underworld To walk the mortals land To walk the earth Aboulic creatures like empty shells Are prowling the night No escape nowhere to hide The jaws of hell are open wide Ready to take on the world To destroy all humankind But as long there is life in my veins The hope for deliverance remains No one will hear your prayers No one will hear you crave No one will hear you scream Oh no you can't be saved Empire of the living dead As the sun is going down I know that it's too late Nothing can save me now I know there's no escape Doomed to die I'm waiting for the night For I know I'll never see the light Again This is judgment day This is judgment day Empire of the living dead