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Ghost story (Savage Circus)

When the clock strikes the hour My restless soul has to rise Unsubstantial, bare of flesh Chained by unsacred ties Centuries come, millenniums go Time has no meaning So much pain, I’m longing for peace To find a way to redeem All alone, I’m walking in the night Solitude smiles at me in despite Between the worlds of life and death A spectre damned to exist To make amends for my deeds of sin Done with ferocity long ago In another time In another life Unforgotten Unforgiven Immortal, punished to be Nocturnal prison in eternity Forever banished, banned from the day Within these walls I have to remain The immortal ghost Once I walked beneath the sun In a distant past where it all begun Nevermore will I see her again Enamoured by the chain Nightbound Hear my sigh Eternal rest; let me die Let me die Once again the clock Is striking the hour Once again I have to rise Once again I’m walking the night End the pain, let me die Let me die