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Chasing the rainbow (Savage Circus)

Uncertain visions are twisting in my mind Haunting me in my dreams at night When I'm closing my eyes I can see The Devil is looking at me He's smiling at me Oh how I'm longing To come back to sanity To leave those shadows behind Give me sanctuary The darkness is pulling me Into the hole I am breaking the circle To rescue my soul Riding the Storm On broken wings on broken wings I will be riding the storm To the end of the rainbow Far, far away I'm touching the sky The word is goodbye, my friend I'll be leaving behind All my sorrow I'll be embracing tomorrow I'm riding the storm Dreadful delusions of torment and pain I don't think I can stand it again I see a rainbow above in the sky Now I'm closing my eyes and die Wonderland I see your light Guiding me Through the dark of the night Beyond the horizon Somewhere in time Far, far away Unseen by the eyes of the world Magical secrets are crossing my way Purified and electrified Never turning back I won't return To the back Riding the storm And with the rising sun I will be gone gone and away I won't be looking back Wonderland I'm on my way How I was longing To come back to sanity To leave those shadows behind I found my sanctuary Sometimes uneasiness Comes to my mind Am I save, did I leave The Devil behind Riding the storm