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It - the gathering (Savage Circus)

What am I doing here? What is the reason for my fear? Something vicious buried in black Rising up, it's coming back Long forgotten evil's drawing near Hidden down below It stood the test of time and now it's here No loss of memories protecting me no more Seven bound to the oath Hold on forgetful That brought us back, coming here To end it once and for all Hand in hand, we're going to stand Together again, to carry out What must be done The final chapter has begun Now we're going back in time To fulfil the mission to seal the mine In the underworld of the sewage pipes The tunnels bare of light Mortal fear makes me shiver to the bone Down below, I'm not alone Seven minds and but a single thought Seven vowed to return Seven versus the evil beast To finally get released A devil in disguise of a clown Is preying on the children of the town No loss of memories protecting me no more Now we're at the gateway to the devil's lair Behind a torturous light I can feel it stare It is awaiting like spider in the web Seven against you now, the final attack No loss of memories, the gathering is fulfilled