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Waltz of the demon (Savage Circus)

Silence, so strange, but yet familiar Illusions abducting me Delusions haunting me Whispers Inside my very mind Sweet subduction is taking on the guide Drifting on and away Into the abyss of my very soul I'm losing control Taking a ride into the unknown Fantasies twisting my mind Wonders to see and horrors to find The gates are open wide Inviting me, exciting me Drain me with joy and despair The demon awakes, reality brakes* Drawing me into the lair Here in my mind there's so much to find Shadow and night are merging tonight Riding high On wings of illusion up to the sky Abducted into a dream Where no one will hear my scream Fire and ice Deluded or wise Good or bad Sane or mad Pain and pleasure is burning me up Making me lose control Demons are dancing inside of my mind Reaching out for my soul Restless drifter between the worlds A merry-go-round in my head Gifted, possessed, cursed or blessed? Passing away into dread Misleading me, enchanting me Leaving the riddles behind Conjuring up visions and dreams Pleading to find peace of mind Unlock the gate My way to escape Give me the key I want to be free