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Niggas On The Jock (RBL Posse)

Why niggaz be on why niggaz be on why niggaz be on our jock (6x) (Black C) Oh shit should this be another fuckin hit (Why niggaz be on why niggaz be on why niggaz be on your dick) I don't know I think it's just the flow Or maybe it's the way I use my game to peel a ho See I'm a nigga with some game ain't nothin changed Shootin this shit like a shootin range I think my name should be Mike 'cause I'm every fuckin playa-hatin nigga want to be like But that icky-green sticky it get me Higher than a mothafucka so they can't get with me See I stay posted gettin toasted Game ferocious down to a bitch gettin roasted It's kinda simple and it's easy Watchin these jealous mothafuckas get mad 'cause their bitch skees me And I know they talkin shit But I got nuts for a nigga, and dick for a bitch (Mr. Cee) This is goin out to the people in my business You ain't toilet paper so stay out the shitness And watch me come on like a shirt If you'z a man with sensitivity you'z about to get your feelings hurt I'm not tryin to say I'm all that But just call me dope 'cause niggaz constantly got a grip on my sac And when I'm in their face yes I'm they nigga But really I'm that nigga they want to get rid of And if a bitch around watch them perp Niggaz start claimin my name just like a turf But this is the hard rugid and dangerous And peace to my niggaz that claim this shit But let me open my pants 'cause I feel somethin rubbin So many people on my dick that now they jock my belly-button So if your head turn when I hit the block Just consider yourself one of them niggaz on my jock