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Straight Lacin' (RBL Posse)

Haha. That RBL niggaz. Mr. C-Note, C-Note No one's gonna lace you, like I do I get around babe, no one can lace you better. No one's gonna lace you, like I do I get around babe, I'm a straight gamer. I'm blowin up the scene wit my gun which is, capable 'cause my uzi weighs a ton pistol grip, pump, in my lap at all times when it's time for some action, yes I'm blastin 'cause, the funk is everlastin that is, if ya ride wit me, ya better be down to die wit me so finally we strive to be some ballin ass mutha fuckaz who is known internationally yeah you think I got a chip on my shoulder 'cause I was a broke young nigga, now I'm older wit mo mail then the rest of you pushers now y'all sittin an observin wit the rest of 'em on-lookers, got ya shook up 'cause we leave the scene, like Stephen King when the murders needed so who's a bigger pimp, wit bigger balls a lil nigga wit bigger drawls lacin all y'all As we proceed to exceed to the next level of this rap game from the click I used to claim, I'm the blame for all this bullshit, never the less y'all can't prove this but who's the smoothest when it comes to this rap game I'm juss a sick ass nigga from that mack Bay straight, game we lace to put my name in the spotlight no game, this paid style I'm gettin paid right I know you niggaz heard of us niggaz gettin perved since us real niggaz got rid of 'em blue birds turned yo ass into OG's slowly watch you move from an O-Z to a whole key straight lacin fuck the basics it's my turn, the mic burn when I face it (no one can do this better) you ask me I don't think there's a click lacin niggaz like the P-O double S-E Let's say for instance, you're a distance an you all by yo self, tell me how the funk would be dealt Would you, get treated like Pinesol an get mopped? Or would you, pull yo glock an do diddly-squat? Or would you see, not juss what you peep like Mary Wright I'm the nigga wit the stripes, an I'm the nigga that you juss might bring you to the light, like hundred watts (like what?) light you up an even if I hit a hundred spots, you can't see me 'cause I got sticky fingers like Jason start to placin the index finger, grippin techs and license to inject so juss expect try to test my intellect he didn't know he tried to flex like biceps an he got broke or better yet broke his vertebre so save to be for another day, like lay-away had that ass smashed, towed away, wit the tow-away (like that?) we laced him like Jordan's about two pairs (then what?) then we had to lace him to a chair.