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Veracity (Burden Of Life)

A black box full of heart-shaped pieces of paper Is all that's left from you Wretched remains of irreplaceable Deliberately thrown away The dead heart inside me scream for resurrection Revive it one more time I want my wintersun to shine again New thoughts of failure rising I kill the old ones every once in a while I searched for love and security But in the end I soon lost it all Everything Left alone to cry in hate and pain Deep inside me this selfishness kept breeding For far too long But still it's just not fear To hear myself scream - no one else! Now I wrapped this shell around me But I still want to mourn for More than a year of everything I needed How can this year already be gone Even meeting my dead end There is nothing I repent I must accept my sun has now set But still there's nothing I regret Apart from th end I'm dying now These thoughts of failure raising I can not preventable myself from bleeding again This search for love and security Will finally end in pain and misery Everything is lost Left to die alone in hate and pain