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2 Of The Thoedest (The Magnificent)

[Talking] G'eah, hey mayn what happen when you put Two of the thoedest niggaz out of Texas on a track Let me see what you get, you get fire Well that's what it is, ok then run the shit nigga hey [Killa Kyleon] Southside, that's my hood Put it in your face, get that shit understood And uh Boss Hogg, that's my click If a nigga got plex, I'ma dig in his shit Kyleon, that's my name Boss Hogg Outlawz, that's my gang 84's candy paint, gripping my grain If you don't understand, that's a H-Town thang Flows like crack-caine, y'alls be wimps Hating on a hustler, y'all niggaz be a trip I'ma choke my dro, I'ma sip my sip Ride behind tint, as I flip my whip Killa stick to the script, stay on the grind M-O-B, I keep money on my mind H-Town find, I'm a 45 flipper If you niggaz got plex, I'm a 45 gripper This ain't the Bossman, this his hit man Killa Ask boys bout me mayn, this man iller nigga [talking] Yeah, Magno ya heard Wildlife Records, run it [Magno] Do my thang, swang in a dropper Cutting up the street, I bring beef like a whopper Half the time, I don't speak to a bopper I be eating on a lobster, in a meeting with a mobster Catch me at the church house, with heat up in my Dockers Y'all niggaz is actors, competing for a Oscar Your boy bitch, so you know he'll switch ya shit I customize the snub, to fit my loc ear swivel clip Yeah, and I'm holding in these streets I f**k up your vocab, your clothing and your speech That's right, Magno the coldest Blimp in the sky, read "Magno the Thoedest" Fuck the election, I hope y'all quoting I pop trunk on two Republicans, when they was voting Fucked up the ballot, the game I might just luck up and grab it Karats in my chain, like I stuck up a rabbit Taking broads cash flow, just got a car deal look out for the Dodge Magno It's kinda hard for you frauds, to dodge Magno I'm everywhere like the law, golds in my jaw Sipping on the bar, flipping 4's in the car Where that kin folk Joe, he ran into a hoe Who had a tat on her back, that said "New Print in Stores" That's the promo hoe Watch your boy, when I swang that fo-do' go [talking] Yeah that's what that is dog, right there daddy Magno ya heard, New Print in sto's mayn You know I'm saying, put it down straight like that Wildlife Records, yeah