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I Can't Take You Home (The Magnificent)

[Eye Candy:] Boy I can't take you home, it's straight to the room for me and you You know how we do it, this freaky secret we pursue You know your position, when we in those positions Sometimes you have me wishing, but I won't fin start tripping Or be messy with ya baby, mama when she call my cell phone And when you see me on the streets, I keep it real freak Find me slutty you calling, it's your lucky day cause I'm horny Been a quite a while since we hooked up, we know we both need this Look under booty call in my cell phone, you'll see your digits Cause you handle your business, when you all up in it In a lay one minute nigga squab with it, put me on my back then on my belly Ooh baby I'm bout to get mine, it's right on time cause it's check out time [talking:] Yeah, you know I can't take you home I may stay up on game from the start, you know I'm saying Peep game [Magno:] I can't take you home, I gotta bail out after the first nut It's the worst look, cause when I first stuck it in damn my phone's getting chirped up Main gal getting worked up, getting served up so I'm missing calls Clicking off think and pause, let me think of a lot while you lick my balls I'm just playing ma, but on the real we f**king partnas So you ain't gotta be faithful, go and f**k your partnas Cause one hundred, is the only way I keep it This is game you need to peep it, hey I'm your lil' secret Like that song from Total on the mobile, I'm a lil' more known than local Matter fact with this rap, I'm damn near global So my bitch she be checking up, she be on her shit I be fessing up I'm wrong and shit, you wet enough to be home for fish Play your role and just hold it down, hold up she on the other line Meet me at the spot say about nine, cool peace out [singing:] Baby, just hit me on my celly To let me know, just when you ready You wanna roll with me, you wanna smoke with me But by the end of the night, you know I'm gon hit it Let me, lose control After that, you could put it on cruise control Baby bounce with it, I been down with it See that pillow over there, go 'head and grip it Baby, lose control Maybe three, or four more In the light and, in the dark Baby spread your legs apart, oooh-oooh-ooooh-oooh [Hook: x2] I can't take you home, I got a bitch that hold me down (I can't take you home, my nigga does that all the time) I can't take you home, shit I just got engaged (I can't take you home, I guess we on the same page)