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It's The Incredible Now (The Magnificent)

[Talking] Yeah-yeah, Magno ya heard huh AKA Magnificent, Wildlife/Desert Storm South mayn Hey say I got the South locked right about now, you know I'm saying I'ma need ya to hold me down up top too, when it go down mayn (once again back is the incredible, the incredible) Magno ya heard, yeah [Magno] Mag's back, collecting his cash stacks Laptops in the beamer, I'm checking my Nasdaq You only as good, as how you wrecked your last track Check my last 8, I'm doing this for fun besides the cash great Oh and did I mention, I'm from the Lone Star State Getting eight bucks, a tape Anything less, than you fake f**ks'll wait I'm getting cash up, you ain't got the right to ask Plus these fags on my ass, like a diaper rash I dropped the New Print, and made quick cake dummy And then popped up, on MTV Mixtape Monday's Hmm not bad, I came around quick Seem like only last week, I had my shit on Soundclick Cop the real, or the CD-R Results the same, I'm giving the game CPR DVD's coming soon, f**k your VCR Wanna know my influence, bitch read these bars Bitch read these bars [talking] (Now hold on now boy, I'm your host I'ma tell you the real You going too hard for em, you need to calm down) These niggaz think they f**king with me mayn (naw, you need to clam down, I tried to tell you) Wildlife/Desert Storm f**king South [Magno] C taught me how to pimp, 'Face showed me how to cock a pump P taught me game, Bun showed me how to pop a trunk I got a holster, that hold three 9's on it Leave your shirt, looking like somebody squeezed Heins on it I know I'm good, that's a part of me that you'll hate Bringing more soul singing, than R&B Screw tapes That's real, I'll cave on your dome Cheese legal so I'm in the Regal, with Raven Symone Just getting a lil' dome, she like to blaze it alone Cop the new home, came with a maid in a thong Ha-ha I'm so fly, style's pure gravity Flow's so sweet, I'm giving you ear cavities Dames on cock, that's why I snitched on the kid from G-Unit I'm the reason, the game's on lock I'm a H-Town nigga, riding swangs on drops We swang on cops, if they try to plant dope on us We swang on cops, bang on cops If it was beef, thank God that you here But I was platinum and smiling, a prank call at your crib [talking] That's what that is mayn, who can f**k with me Magno ya heard, Wildlife/Desert Storm South Taking over the Third Coast, and beyond nigga ya know Yeah, Shouts out to that boy Stack Bundles mayn You doing a fool on the CD baby, New Print in stores