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Magno And Deetha Savor Flow (The Magnificent)

[Talking] Magno ya heard, aka Magnificent mayn CEO of Wildlife Records, just wanna let everybody know The New Print all flows is in sto's now, go knock it off mayn Go catch it mayn, but uh for now we finna get down to business You know I'm saying, DJ OP what it do baby Killa Tone Ha-ha, finna go ahead and get it crunked up, you know I'm saying Houston stand up baby, yeah-yeah [Magno] It's Magno, man I'm straight from Houston Me dropping whack shit, man I'm straight refusing That's the reason, why my weight be moving You wanna hate you losing, this thang'll give your face contusions In Miami, my dates be Cuban My bodyguard is Haitian, that's just in case anybody starts hating We turn em, into patients They fam in the lobby, or the hospital pacing I'm the thoedest, I'ma make you hear it Since my rhymes give me cake, I'ma bake the lyrics When I drop, first day crack a thousand make the majors look Using move they wife, open housing hits they neighborhood Sometimes it gets arousing, when a hater would Trying to stop my shine, or stunt my growth Like I won't cock this nine, or jump they folk Then giggle with my feet up, watching Jimmy Kimmel Mag' thoed, but the rest be stracking I keep a gal and a side hoe, like Jessie Jackson I don't try to act hard, like the rest be acting I'm a Greenspoint rookie, still in vest be Jacklin When I bust open the door, it's like Nestle cracking What's up to Acres Home, where them techs be crapping holla This the North, birds chirp and we spitting raps And we don't wear church shirts, with a fitted cap We on the block, tall tee with a du-rag Swanging in that new Jag, trunk banging that new Mag' I don't care, for the reputation this fool has I'm just trying to rap, with the dedication that Screw had [talking] Now if y'all want DJ OP, to play Deetha I Y'all gotta get louder than that They want ya Deetha, they want ya [Deetha Savor] Think you skating on this ice, like the tongues of a dyke The panties in my glass, bitches know what I like I get ass in that Jag, scoot over for your friends I got sucker twin at Mag', it's over for them Fly if you like, but I got hollow friends That'll get deep inside you, like you high off the life Heinekein or Bud Light, I import my domestics Make sure your ass is speedy, that's how we get down in Texas Holding covers, of the Vibe and the Source I stroll through the hood, never married though I've been through divorce Makeshift attitude, took a course On how to easy bake the dope, dough rising bitches got me in court Half violent half striving, for some f**king import That re-sample one that, that make you pay for the bag And they ain't never ever, gotta speak to this man Never ever's too soon, I'd just assume be glad Fuck with ya, and I'll pray for hope missing The good that spoke wisdom, pay the thug protection My investment cop an Expedition When rims spin around in these circles, like gravity switching Fucking paging that paper, means we surely missing I got cash now, they kiss my black ass now When the lights dim down, they still spot the cash cow (Wildlife selling, like some McDonald's hash browns) [talking] Ha-ha, straight 'em up mayn That's how we do it, Wildlife records 2004 and beyond ya heard, Magno-Deetha Savor, CEO's of Wildlife Holla at ya boy mayn, DJ OP what it do baby Killa Tone, holla at ya boy mayn we eating tracks for a snack